My Journey

It started reasonably enough with a small manual kiln I found on eBay for a few hundred bucks. I thought it would be nice to have a low maintenance kiln to test low fire glazes and bisque fire raku clay in my sun porch studio. Then I noticed the Ohio-born Vulcan could fuse glass as well. Hmmm, never tried that! Off to YouTube for a few quick lessons!

My little kiln is a trooper and a work horse! I alternate loads between pottery and glass, with an occasional recycled metal thrown in the mix.  Every load yields a new lesson…

Regina Rexford

Born in Buffalo, NY (Living and playing in the Buffalo/Niagara area)

BS Art, Class of 2005; MS ELC, Class of 2009  Daemen College, Amherst, NY

regina.rexford@gmail.com  716-364-1800


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to meet you at Hamburg garden walk. Love my dragon fly pendant. Would love to purchase one of your bracelets too. Wishing you continued success! See you soon. 😊


  2. I received a buffalo necklace from my dear friend. She already sent me one last year. Is it possible to swap it for another one of your beautiful pieces . I was born and raised in Buffalo but I live in TN now. Thank you.


    • Sorry it has taken me so long to reply . I know you were getting ready for shows last time we were emailing. If you could send me your address I can return the Buffalo necklace and see what I could get in exchange for it. In case you don’t remember I already have one and my dear friend Patti Jankowski sent me another one. I have a bracelet , earrings and the necklace . Your pieces are so beautiful and unique . Hope to hear from
      You soon. Thank you . Kathy


  3. HI I love your copper leaves and raku pottery as i have copper pieces i my kitchen. If possible send me photos or items available in copper I may purchase online. Miss your shows. Cheryl


  4. Hi Regina,

    Love your work! I’m a metalsmith myself, so I use a kiln as well. Loads of fun.

    I just have a quick question – a friend of mine said today was a Buffalo moon, but I can’t find anything about it on the web. I came across your website & was wondering if the name had anything to do with a Buffalo moon or not, or if you know anything about the subject?
    If you do, I’d love to know what you know about it!! Thanks so much –


    • Hi Louise,
      Actually I chose the name of my company because of my proximity to Buffalo NY. My town is a stone’s throw away and I was born in Buffalo. Over the Buffalo Moon reflects my affection for my region and all WNY has to offer. So instead of just feeling “over the moon” I added Buffalo to the mix!
      I love that you chose to work with metal and use a kiln! I would be lost without mine! Have a wonderful holiday season and may you enjoy every moment of your creative process!


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